Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Anothere summer day is come and gone away ...
I wanna go home.
Maybe surrounded by a million people, I still feel alone
I just wanna go home.
I miss u, u know?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Finally, here comes the rain !!!!!
how fresh it its :x
shopping day with GoGo finished with a pair of shoes for me :)

yesterday was a long day with baby-sitting. back home at 3.00 am, and then have to wake up at 7. but tis was nice :)
they r really adorable these 2 brothers. I really love them, especially Micheal. it was the first time we saw each other, but he was very friendly smile with me and gave me very very tight hugs. they'r very very vute. i'm in love with them.
hope that my kids would be like this tooo :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Me dispute ac ma ptite soeur!

Ouais. c pas bien que j'ai lu ton journal intime. mais stp, tu l'as jeté volontairement. et puis moi, je l'a trouvé. alors c bien a moi mtn. oui, c vrai que tu connais pas ça. j'ai mon cours de droit. et j'ai deja bien etudier cette partie hein!!!

Tant pis, je m'excuse qd meme.

Je veux slm comprendre un peu plus ma ptite soeur.

J'ai pleuré qd j'ai lu ton journal intime car tu me ressemble trop.

Je reconnais que toi aussi, tu m'aime bcp comme je t'aime mais c moi qui sais pas montrer mes émotions. c pas facile pr moi =))

Papa dit tjs que tu es tres sentimentale, tu gardes tjs des desavantage pr toi... blabla.
mais bon, enfait, jsuis sure que jsuis plus sensible que toi ma cherie. mais je les montre pas. je prefere les gerder pr moi slm. je veux pas que les autres me voient faible.

Ouais, fais comme tu veux. fais grave, faire touffu les problemes. parles plus ac moi. je veux te dire que JE M'EN FOUS MOI! tu pense que c quoi ton journal intime????? un trucs inestimable???? ou qqch que les autres peuvent pas le toucher????

Je te dire un dernier Trucs : TU M'ENERVE VRM ajd!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


- 3:00: go to sleep
- 5:30: wake up because of so much sound.
dad call sis to make sure that she come home safety.
- 7:00: get back to sleep
- 9:00: wake up really
- 10:00: start studying a ltt bit after doing housework
- 10.30: make myself a cup of cappuccino and miss my sis a lot. normally, she'll make it for me...
- 12:00: have lunch
and then read my sister's diary => cry again
- 14:00: go out with Tung to ask for his job. its f*cking hot (30°c),
see Vy by chance,
we'll drink some smoothie together. the saleman make a mistake to give me the big one when our command is 3 medium. however, its my luck but i couldn't finish it by the way.
- 17:00: go home & take a shower.
my feet are swollen cause i walked with a high heel.
- 18:00: cook for dinner + chat with Linh & Dinh
- 19:00: have dinner + chat with Marine -> have a job for July : babysit her nephew
- 21:00: Tung ask for a Karaoke with Khang & Hoang but the megaphone was broken, so we play cards and watch MTV - miss horror.
- 22:00: its always f*cking hot so we decide to go out and play in the ground. Right, football at 10 p.m. the ball was flyed to our neighbor's garden 3 times, Hoang & Khanh have to climb over the wall to take it back.
- 23:15: game finish.
back home & a shower again.
- 24:00: time to go to bed!


good bye, good bye baby!
take care of urself.
have a save fight.
i'll miss you much.
we'll see each orther sooon

30.06.10 i'll really miss ur stupid face.
i was very surprised when u was the first one who cried.
and then mum...
then even dady couldn't controle his tears...
i was still very strong at this moment. gave u guys a hug and said that "it'll be fast, 2 months aren't a longtime..."


But then, i can't stand it anymore,
cried like a crazy.
everyone looked at me, but i dont care.
i've missed you already.